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Your rhythm ritual

See you in 2024! 💚

Since 2003

Piknic Électronik Montreal is celebrating its 20th anniversary!

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  1. 20 years of tasty outbursts!

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  3. 20 years of summer drip!

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  5. 20 years of carefree dancing!

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  7. 20 years of shouts of joy!

Let's meet again at parc Jean-Drapeau

Why change a winning formula? Exactly. That’s why we’re bringing it back to where it all started, under the trees by the river’s edge, to celebrate Piknic’s long-awaited 2023 season.

How to get to parc Jean-Drapeau

Get your bounce back

The event that ignites every weekend of your summer is back, and our desire to let go, reunite with our fellow piknickers and dance to the sounds of a fire lineup is stronger than ever. We look forward to seeing you out on the dance floor and rekindling with the joys of summer!

20th anniversary memories

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