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Passes and Tickets

Excited to meet again? We sure are.


  • How does it work if I want to purchase tickets?

    Tickets for Piknic Électronik Montréal will be sold online only. To ensure entry and avoid waiting in line, you may purchase tickets in advance online through our website’s ticketing section (reduced pricing up to 24 hours before the event).

    Please report to the customer service on the site if you have any problems with your purchase, our team is here to help!

  • How much is it?

    Starting at $22 plus taxes in advance online and $27 the same day on site! More details about our passes and tickets here.

    Entrance is free for children under the age of 12.

  • How many tickets can I buy?

    6 tickets per person.

  • How do I get access to the sale?

    Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to receive information. You can also access the general sale on our website here.

  • Can I buy a pass?

    Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to receive information. You can also access the general sale of our season passes on our website here.

  • Can I get a refund?

    There will be no refunds for tickets.

  • What payment methods does the online ticketing service accept?

    Our online ticketing service accepts Visa and Mastercard. Unfortunately, prepaid credit cards and Visa Debit cards do not work on our platform. We are currently working on adding these payment methods.

  • I'm having trouble completing my online purchase, help!

    In most cases, an uncompleted transaction is due to an error in the billing address entered. Be sure to enter the address associated with the credit card used for the transaction (if you have recently moved, it may be different from your current home address).

  • My purchase didn't work, but the transaction still appears on my credit card statement. How come?

    Don't worry, the transaction that appears is only temporary (usually identified as pending authorization). It will disappear on its own after 5 or 6 business days. A week has passed and the transaction is still there? Email us at We'll be happy to assist you.

  • I can't find my ticket in my email. What should I do?

    Go look in your SPAM box. Still nothing? Until the Friday before the event, write to and we will gladly send your ticket back. Otherwise, present yourself at the customer service desk at the box office when you arrive on site with the credit card you used to purchase your ticket and a photo ID.

  • What does the Piknic ticket includes?

    👉 The Piknic Terrace tickets include :

    ‣ All of the general admission advantages ;

    ‣ Express entry on site ;

    ‣ Raised terrace with view on the FIZZ stage ;

    ‣ Exclusive bathrooms ;

    ‣ Exclusive bar ;

    ‣ Furnished for more comfort ;

    ‣ Bottle service option by contacting our partner

  • Can I upgrade my GA ticket for a terrace ticket?

    Already have your general admission ticket for one of our regular events and would like to enhance your experience? Follow these simple steps :

    1. Buy your "Piknic Terrace" ticket online ;

    2. Email us at indicating the number of your 2 orders to obtain a refund for your General Admission ticket.

    You can also do it directly at our customer service if the terrace isn't sold out!

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