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Young producer from Montreal, Molzk offers a heavy and dark techno, in which
we distinguish influences from his rock-metal background as a musician playing
in his first bands as an accomplished guitarist.
Very recently ( in 2019 ) he falls into a new specter of musical genre and
passion : electronic and techno music. Synthesizer and rhythm boxes will enable
him to compose his first EP ( Industrial Sickness ) published independently in
In his new artform we can discover a trippy and oppressive atmosphere… so if
you are into old raw industrial sounds turned into new, this is for you !
As he continues and discovers to perfect his sound, in 2020 his track ( Kueen )
was born, taking on a faster and brutal techno.
Passionate, Molzk naturally loves to perform LIVE. He strives to express an
amalgam of sound poetry flowing in the rawness and brutality of his sets.
Molzk releases his latest EP in May 2021, on Vertige records. Follow
him for many more collaboration projects to come in 2021…


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