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Wuachuma is an artist project that began while I was traveling in Peru. This project has brought me a lot of inspiration in the creative process of music-making, since I always aim to create compositions that reflect my feelings at that particular moment in time. It has always been important for me to carefully design the desired sound so that I may convey a transcendental expression to the listener. This, I find, is truly the beauty of creating music. It is also in part self-discovery, as I never know what will be composed; making the whole journey very exciting and refreshing.

Having the opportunity to work with great musicians has enabled me to keep growing as a producer while learning many important life lessons. I am currently working on various collaborative projects; always aiming to push the boundaries of creating music that connects with the soul. One example is my release on Kindisch (Nuit d'Afrique) which exemplifies the essence of team work & passion.


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