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For Solomun, music isn’t just a tool to make people dance. Music is as diverse as life itself:
many different shades, moments, and memories to be made. Music triggers emotions and
vice versa, and this sort of interrelation – with Solomun representing the music and the
audience emotions – is what casts the spell around his performances.

His “Solomun +1” residency at Pacha Ibiza started in quite a laid-back fashion – with him
doing his own thing, moving the DJ booth into the center of the club to be close to the people
on the dancefloor instead of the usual high podium, and introducing a fairly unheard-of
concept on the Island: a night together with only one friend. Since its commencement in
2013, “Solomun +1” has long become an Ibiza household name, with its “Solomun +LIVE”
offshoot on the Island and +1 editions all over the world, be it Berlin, New York or Tulum.

The same energy was what kicked off his music label Diynamic in 2006: A band of brothers
with similar ideas, taste in music, and the volition to support each other. And, looking back,
Diynamic turned out to be the stepping stone for many artists’ careers.

All of this started somewhere small, but by being himself, an honest entertainer in the truest
sense of the word, not a stage persona, Solomun came to be so incredibly sought after.
He has proven that the music is more important than the place it’s played at, because his
sets, remixes and productions are bringing people together. And always, he is sending the
same message: “Nobody Is Not Loved.”


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