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Mossy Mugler

Mossy Mugler, is an esteemed DJ, producer, and artist hailing from Qatar with Palestinian roots. With a diverse musical background influenced by Top 40 pop hits, vogue beats, middle-eastern ballads and underground electronic music, Mossy Mugler's sound is a fusion of nostalgic familiarity and boundary-pushing experimentation. They are currently based in Montréal, QC.

Mossy regularly performs across North America, including recent notable events and venues such as Boiler Room, Nowadays NYC, and Société des arts technologiques in Montréal. They have produced numerous musical releases over the span of their career, with their latest “ROCKSTAR” EP being lauded by PAPER magazine as “Each track is unlike the last, as the artist plunges into extreme, yet tender, expression”. They are also the founder of the experimental music events project “Hauterageous” which hosts groundbreaking electronic artists from around the world, and has gained a continuously growing cult-following in Montreal, New York and Toronto.


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