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Mike Larry

Mike Larry’s obsession with all that is technical, mechanical, deconstruct-able, & rearrange-able, has lead him to techno music.

Born and raised in Montreal, he is recognized for his high energy Marathon DJ sets and as the founder of the renowned Darkroom parties which is about to hit the 6-year mark. In addition to gaining support from the likes of Carlo Lio, Nathan Barato and Chris Liebing, he has had the pleasure of playing at BPM, ADE, gaining a residency at Montreal’s acclaimed Stereo.

Immersed in the analog world of modular synthesizers, he realized that his voice can be found through this music. His calculated take on techno have lead him to produce simple yet raw and effective grooves. In addition to these productions, a course on modular synthesis for beginners and the advanced is in the works.

2018 has so far included the development of Arder, a music and event platform leaning towards the raw and purist side of the genre as well as bringing back rave culture.

With nothing but ambition and gratitude towards what he loves, he continues to expand his sound to keep crowds dancing until all hours.


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