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Always searching for different sounds and influenced by music worldwide, Lock0ut’s eclectic and bass music oriented sets will take the mind to deep, dreamlike and often unpredictable places. Whether the mood has to be chilled or woken up, whether it is time to feel grounded or time to feel out of this world, you will often get a bit of everything experiencing Lock0ut’s music. Reggae, Deep Dubstep, Drum’n’Bass and Halftime, Trip and Glitch Hop, UK Garage, Techno and his own creations are most likely on the menu. One thing is clear, get ready for a percussive bassy shakedown!
Frank’s passion is sound and musical innovation, co-founder of the MTL’s Bassix sound system with his partner in crime Snowphish, they are dedicated to help Quebec’s electronic music culture grow and sound as good as it deserve, in all of its spectrum!


2019 Shows

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