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Kornél Kovács

To say Kornél Kováks has shaped the electronic music industry is an understatement. Born in Stockholm, Kornél Kovács' perambulations in music began early, turning him into “Stockholm's youngest former jungle DJ” by the age of 14. By the early 2000’s this notoriety was joined by a DJ residency at Stockholm's legendary Paradise night, as well as a weekly radio show on P3, Sweden's Radio 1 equivalent. In 2008, he formed Studio Barhus along with Alex Boman and Petter Nordkvist. The collective's successes have drawn reams of prestigious press coverage in the years since, as well as worldwide DJ dates for its three members. Since then, he has played every corner of the world, as well as shows at prestigious clubs like Berlin’s Panorama Bar and London’s Fabric. Kornél Kovács has truly cemented his position as one of the most prominent producers and DJs around.


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