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G.O'Brien aka "G In The Box" made a name for himself on the rave scene during summer 1997, in an event that took place in Montreal, Phase cat.

Mini-Tank productions, the most revered Montreal-based underground promoters gave G.O'Brien the opportunity to start his nightlife career and doing so marked his name in the electronic music culture of this amazing city.

The boom of the electronic culture in Quebec launched G.O'Brien to the forefront of the scene where he played with major artists such as Sven Väth, Felix da Housecat or Vitalic. He was a resident Dj in the most popular clubs in Montreal, like Sona and Aria Clubs, during the 2000's thanks to his unremitting work and his undeniable talent.

His confident strength shows in his look and his face, gentle and determined at the same time. He loves the sound, he loves the sounds. He loves making people dance, it's physical for him. His whole body takes control when he mixes. He doesn't speak a lot, music is the language he's the most comfortable with. This poet of sound surprises with his choices, throws off balance, innovates but when he choses a track, he never takes the easy way. He plays electro, minimal and techno music but his not a purist DJ, he's more of a permanently evolving DJ who uses all the electronic palette to take you where you've never expected to go.


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