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Been in the game for years, The Don has been responsible for many of the urban underground musical scene in Montreal. Events such as “Chillincypherizm” held at “Luba” and “Lola Lounge” was the blueprint. The very popular and successful weekly event by the name of “Saturday Night Soul”…hosted by other 5 Starz member and best promoter in Montreal Mr Mike Steven was just “off the hook”. The same duo is now operating every Fridayz at “En Cachette” with DJ Raz as old school meets new “Behind Closed Doors”. Still going on strong are the “Oasis” events held at Salon Daome playing the best soulfulundergroundhousemuzik with the best guests djs from all over the world.

If not behind decks, The Don is now attempting the logical evolution of a DJ…which is to put his own music together. The Goal is to create the unique sound that will represent 5 starz and push the artists who represents “Dope Soundz”.


2015 Shows

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