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Montreal based music talent and DJ. Manager by profession, his rhythmic mix has won him more heart than the board room. His sublime debut to the world of music dates back to 2008 Inspired by his father’s eclectic flare in Arab classic and talent of the traditional guitar; "the Aoud", Abverb (a.k.a Abdell Bennani) became disposed to the old school music, learnt the ways of the traditional percussion and started his DJ career; “the old school” in 2010.

Young Abverb steadily settled into life as a DJ, scratching the old school Disc Jockey, relating to everyone within his reach and uniting the dancefloor. With a mix of the Melodic Deep/ Progressive and Tech-House instrumental or Tribal. His love and interest in old school classic launched him to the next level. Soon, he fashioned a nicknown as “AfroTech” a beautiful style from his old fanatics, African Drums & Arab classics.

As an icon and second to none, his musical selection flusters other DJs. Abverb now play Electronic Music in “All” her forms to all generations, electrifying the dancehall with his showmanship, and crowd commanding performances. He plays in famous venues & private events in Tulum (MX) & Playa Del Carmen (MX), locals venues, Nightclubs and special Events. His love for music goes beyond just mixing tunes. Abverb's set to manage and develop his own creative crew. As a DJ and musical pundit, he has found plenty of ways to express himself. For him, it is all about the grooves; playing those tracks that gets you tapping your feet and nodding your head irrespective of your style. Abverb, a management graduate turn DJ, hope to storm the industry and tour the world with his artistic show in the nearest future


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