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Miguel Barros’s alter ego Pional travels far beyond his close association with John Talabot. The Madrid producer is a sound art specialist in all its guises, and undoubtedly one of the artists that better adapted structures of house music into a fully contemporary language close to dream pop’s patterns and melodies. His talent is widely recognized both at home and abroad, and it is no wonder that several renowned international labels –including Permanent Vacation and Young Turks– have signed him. This year he will perform one of his vibrant and captivating live shows for the first time at Sónar. Barros feels especially comfortable on stage, where he sings and controls rhythm with consummate ease. His show at SonarLab will also have the added bonus of showcasing some of his new material, due for release around next autumn, and will also feature special visuals by Arnau Pi, Hivern's usual graphic designer.

Pional drew immediate attention from his sensational early EPs, "A Moot Point" and "We Have Been Waiting For You", both released on Hivern. His collaboration on John Talabot’s debut LP resulted in Talabot signing him to perform on his world tour. From this point onwards each of Pional’s movements are worth noting; remixing The xx, Phoenix and Jesse Ware, releasing illustrious new tracks ("It's All Over", "Invisible Threat," and "Oroboros" together with Henry Saiz) while touring the world, performing live and offering exquisite house and timeless funk in his dj sets.


Performances 2015

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