6 Jui 2017

Ce samedi All Day I Dream s’empare du site du Piknic pour tout un après-midi mélodique, dansant et zen mené par la figure anglaise Lee Burridge. Riche en couleurs et à l'esprit hautement fédérateur, le projet est né de la fusion de la bibliothèque musicale mélodique de 2007 du Monsieur et de son sentiment de déconnexion ambiante entre les mélomanes. All Day I Dream est un espace temps consacré à la joie et au partage, un retour aux sources inspiré de ses expériences au Burning Man, où les femmes, que l'artiste avaient remarquées de moins en moins présentes autant sur le plancher de danse que sur scène, ont toute leur place consacrée. Lee revient sur sa vie de dj qui a remué les nuits de Hong Kong dans les années 90, sur son amour pour Montréal et son public, sa tenue inappropriée à Igloofest en 2009, et nous décrit ce qui nous attend samedi : un voyage sensoriel et chaud bercé d'un Techno doux et d'une House rêveuse. Rien de moins.

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Hi Lee! So, tell us: What do you dream about?

Hey! Hmmmm..what do i dream about. Usually, flying (without a plane for a change). I dream about my childhood places I spent time. My grandparents. I also have a recurring dream (more of a gentle nightmare) where I’m dj’ing and the records are so short and always running out and I can’t find another one to play in time. Oh, and when I’m lucky I dream about my girlfriend, Christina. Those are always my favourite dreams.

-How was «All Day I Dream» born?

It was born from an ever growing collection of beautiful melodic and musical music I’d been finding in 2007 mixed with me noticing more and more the imbalance of male to female attendees at events I’d seen pictures of or played at. Also, the disconnection of people from each other. For me dance music was always about community. People didn’t really seem to be experiencing that as much as in the past. I’m not saying it didn’t exist but definitely seemed to be on the decline. I wanted to try to change that. It was also important to me to make the girls the centre of the musical sound I was exploring as they, obviously, have impeccable taste too but this industry seems to favour a more masculine energy. I wanted to build an environment around that music that felt welcoming, pretty, more famine and a lot of fun. I’d played an underground party on the roof where All Day I Dream began about a year before my first event and it was so stripped back it was uncomfortable. Being on that rooftop baking hot under the sun all day with no shade was something I felt had to change as the venue was actually amazing. My experiences at Burning Man gave me some ideas and a year later All Day I Dream began.

You’ve played in Montreal several times over your career. What’s your best memory of the city?

I’ve played many many times. Obviously Stereo is an epic club and always great to play but playing Igloofest and arriving totally under dressed in converse and jeans from my month long holiday in Miami was memorable. I luckily was given a Canada Goose jacket which helped but the heating for the booth was broken so i pretty much downed a bottle of whisky during my set. Was still totally sober and got all panicked when we went to after-hours in someone’s house. I got the fear that all the booze was going to make me the drunkest person there. It didn’t so guess the cold cancelled it out!

Your responsible for the current nightlife in Hong Kong. Can you share an anecdote from your experience there?

If by the current nightlife you mean the 90s then yes. I think the anecdote of staying awake (apart from about seventeen hours sleep here and there when my body shut down) for a whole week playing fourteen hours a day each day as the other clubs DJ had run off and left the country for reasons unknown that culminated in my birthday when I was so tired that I passed out during my set cutting open my eyebrow on the turntable as I fell over, knocking the needle off the record so it made that sckkkkkkkrrrrrrrrrrrrr sounds as the needle was running over the centre of the vinyl. Then coming back to reality, taking the record off …silence…putting another one on and the crowd cheering and carrying on like everything was normal was pretty rock n roll. I lived. True story. P.S don’t try that at home. Totally stupid in my (grownup) opinion.

What do you think of the Montreal public? Happy to join us in a few days (we are pretty excited!)?

I LOVE Montreal. What an amazing city and that extends out to all those living there. That I’ve had the pleasure of meeting at least. I would love to join for a few days but we have All Day I Dream in Detroit the day after.

What should we expect Saturday?

Beautiful, melodic, dreamy house and techno that’s weaved together in such a way that the whole thing takes you on a ride.

What’s your favourite song at the moment?

If you’re asking for a dance floor track it would be Cornucopia - Dragons in Paradise. From the radio. I love the new Killers track.

Ne manque pas Lee Burridge ce Samedi pour All Day I Dream Of Montreal Bleu sur le site de Piknic !

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