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Co-founder of Raw Feelings formed in 2013.

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Originally from Morocco, and currently residing in Montréal, Jalil is the co-founder of several collectives including Raw Feelings, a series of after-hours events held at various secret locations around the city; and most recently, co-founder of The Hive, a DIY creative loft space that hosted various events between 2016 and 2017; providing the city with an open platform promoting the advancement of electronic music culture. The Hive project brought together a close knit community of artists, and enthusiasts alike, including international talents such as Dan Curtin, Vera, Legowelt, Convextion, Francesco Del Garda, Nicolas Lutz, Slow Life and many more. Coinciding with these musical projects, Jalil's core passion lies in crate digging and unearthing 90's rarities. During the past years he has been collecting records from all kinds and shapes