Move D


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Germany’s unassuming house and techno trailblazer Move D (aka David Moufang), has been crafting timeless, subtle productions and working up an adventurous synth sweat for more than two decades. Starting in the late 80s, he tapped into his passions for space and technology and applied them to clever, slow-building electronic cuts. He was instrumental in shaping the early 90s ambient/chillout genre with Jonas Grossman as Deep Space Network, and soon after began recording as Move D for his own Source Records label. His debut solo album, Kunststoff (1995), was ultimately hailed as a techno classic upon its reissue more than a decade later. But as his career longevity has proven, this production veteran has never been one to get off on quick-fix acclaim. He’s long used his trademark polyphonic synths and samplers to emotive effect, whether riding along the Chicago house/Detroit techno axis or flooding his sound with washes of dub, ambient, funk and jazz. This discerning selector’s extensive discography includes releases on forward-thinking labels (Modern Love, Warp, Electric Minds) and many alternate monikers used as part of delightfully experimental collaborations – namely, Magic Mountain High (with Juju & Jordash) and Reagenz (with Jonah Sharp). His talents as a cuts curator are in full effect across his brand new mix for the esteemed Fabric series, showing off his deep ear for unsung gems and subterranean soul music.