Oct 8, 2015

There it goes, that's it… the 2015 Piknic season is over. So good it might as well have been one long daydream. Judging from the attendance figures for the summer, you had just as much fun as we did. Now we have to get used to the idea that we must pass through our Quebec winter before encountering our beloved Piknic once again. Fortunately, we have Igloofest for a slightly chillier but equally insane experience! But first, one last Top Times to capture all the best moments of the season. GO!

1) The very first Piknic
Were you there? Yep, everyone was there. An attendance record: 11,000 people! That’s practically the whole world. We can say with complete certainty that much of Montreal looks forward to the beginning of the Piknic season.

Image titlePhoto credit : Partywithsylvain

2) Four simultaneous Piknics worldwide
On August 23rd, Piknic Electronik reached another peak when four Piknics took place simultaneously around the world. A global first. Piknic Lisbon, Barcelona, Cannes and Montreal took part to immortalize the moment! #pikniclove

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3) Our Piknic couple
Our "Piknic couple” love story went completely viral on social networks. The couple celebrating six years of marriage that day when we chatted them up and asked if they’d share their story. Since then, their #Piknic baby was born. We look forward to seeing all three under the Calder!

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4) Maya Jane Coles and The Martinez Brothers in the rain
Those who were there will certainly remember that the Labour Day long weekend ended in rain. An intense moment to say the least. The most beautiful part in all this: people continued to dance as if nothing had happened. Even though we were almost afraid of drowning it was raining so hard. One of the most epic Piknic finales of the season!

5) When the crowd is brought to its knees
We don’t hide the fact that, at Piknic, we love #STUNTS. Like when our general director Nicolas Cournoyer, conspiring with Jesse Rose, managed to bring a crowd to their knees and then pop them back up again at the drop of the beat. It was part of a bet between Piknic Montreal and Piknic Barcelona, which had pulled off the same stunt the week before. To watch it in loop, go here:

6) The otter and marmot
SPOTTED: two beautiful animals (an otter and a marmot) spotted at Piknic this summer. The otter is still a rumour for us, although several piknicers have confirmed seeing it. Seems it waded quietly into the pond and took advantage of its Piknic. We’d do the same!

Image titlePhoto credit : Charles William Pelletier

7) Matrixxman’s birthday
The June 14 Piknic also happened to be headlining DJ Matrixxman’s birthday. We were so happy to be with him at the end of his set to deliver a quick "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" song. We also gave him a delicious birthday cake. Even the crowd joined in! #bdayluv

One memory we won’t be letting go anytime soon is the Saintwoods crew Piknic on August 5. Lunice clearly set fire to the night as he rapped with a live band into the late evening. While standing on the speakers, we should add.

Image titlePhoto credit : Vivien Gaumand

9) Petit Piknic 
Mission accomplished for the first edition of Petit Piknic on August 16 at the Floralies. The Chromatic team knew how to entertain our little piknicers with activities that were each more playful and colorful than the next. Giant mural art, flying origami, introductions to screen printing, giant mascot assembly, a marshmallow challenge and a machine that made custom designs. It was just perfect.

Video | HERD
Music | Birthday Boy - Over Me ft. Trish

10) Igloofest theme
It’s still fresh in our memories, but the Igloofest @ Piknic theme was one of our most beautiful moments of the season. LOGO ON ICE, FAKE SNOW, 25 degrees, and 8,000 people to finish off the season in style!

Image titlePhoto credit : Denis Wong

Finally, special mention to the 79 Montreal-based performers of this 13th edition. A big SHOUT OUT to our artists here who burned down the house throughout the season. We’re quite proud to be able to say we love you. The disappointment of the year goes back to the cancellation of the Floating Points set on June 28th due to bad weather. We crossed our fingers but…

Till the next battle, piknicers! Get ready because we look forward to sharing many more moments with you next year. Meanwhile, we leave you with our recorded sets from the summer to keep you warm, right here.