Aug 28, 2018


Good news, this month we will be adding a bar... express bar. What the heck is an express bar anyway you ask!? It's a bar from which you will be able to order exclusively from our brand new PIKNIC DRINKS mobile app. You know, casually trying new stuff. FYI it's still a pilot project that is being tested. We hope to see you enjoy the sunshine, good weather and quality time with your friends a little more OUT of queues.

🌞👯 🍻

Step 1: Download the PIKNIC DRINKS app on the App store or Play store before going to Piknic
Step 2: Order your favorite beer or bucket on PIKNIC DRINKS directly from the dance floor
Step 3: Avoid the queues by picking up your drink at the Bar Express

You in?

📱Here for iPhone

📱Here for Android