Aug 8, 2017

MUTEK, also known as "electronic music Christmas", now takes place at the end of August and returns to the S.A.T (yeaaaaah), outdoors at QDS, Metropolis and more.

But we all want to know: Will it rain at MUTEK @ Piknic? Will the new dates break the curse? Find out, next episode.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of must-see-or-you’ll-regret-it acts! 

August 22nd

Max Cooper @ S.A.T  - Londoner Max Cooper will close the first night of the festival. He’ll present this audio-visual adventure for the first time in Canada.

August 23rd

Béatrice Dillon @ Expérience (London) – We’re very curious to catch this English producer and composer, who’ll finally come to our side of the pond. We strongly recommend her shows on NTS  - Free

Daphni - All night long @ Métropolis – Yet another “greatest day of our lives”. Daphni, real name Daniel V. Snaith, is the DJ alter ego of Caribou. He’s notably compiled 1000 songs on YouTube: The longest Mixtape

Sculpture @ S.A.T – This show is really fun. Arts and craft and music (reel to reel tapes, Walkman cassette players and custom made audio visual gear made out of recycled turntables). Video.

August 24th

N.A.A.F.I @ S.A.T - The N.A.A.F.I label takes control with a few of their artists. Bass / hip-hop / techno with touches of grime, footwork and juke: Mexican JihadOlyOmaar

August 25th

Nocturne 4 @ Métropolis - Surgeon & Lady Starlight – One word: FINALLY. A big live analog techno set. Don’t miss it. - Aurora Halal : New Yorker, co-founder of the Sustain Release festival, producer and brain behind the Mutual Dreaming label. Rinse FM Podcast - Demora : Californian duo Devon Hansen (Stefan Jós) and Lotide (Leticia Trandafir, softcoresoft). This live set will be a world premiere (nothing less).

Soirée NTS @ Édifice Wilder – Dance Space - NTS, a London radio station founded in 2011 now features studios in Manchester, Los Angeles and Shanghai. 2 nights to discover new sounds. Night 1Night 2.

August 26th

Inter_Connect (Berlin)@ S.A.T - rRoxymore : This is one prolific Berliner. Her mixcloud proves it. -  Marie Davidson : A Montreal scene staple. If you’ve never seen her perform, march yourself over.

Expérience_Berlin @ Quartier des Spectacles - Sarah Farina : Very happy to see this Berlin artist on the program. Funk, footwork, breakbeats and R&B … Excellent. Lotic : Uncategorizable. Unmissable. Free

Nocturne 5 @ Métropolis – Piknic is proud to present this classic Saturday night event. Partyyyyy at the Métropolis until 6AM. - Detroit Swindle (live) – a Canadian premiere - Fred P also known as Black Jazz Consortium (among other aliases) :FACT mix - EOP : pronounced “yyyuuuppp”. Gingy & Kevin McPhee -Dewalta & Shannon (live)ZIP : You remember Ricardo b2b ZIP at Piknic in 2009 ? Memorable. This closing set promises to be a journey.

August 27th

Seth Troxler @ Piknic Électronik – A lil’ Sunday afternoon with Mister Seth Troxler. - Joke 1:  promo video for Eastern Electric - Joke 2: Boiler Room & Ballantine's True Music - Music: Essential Mix

Nocturne 6 @ S.A.T - Nicola Cruz – Coming from Multi Culti & ZZK Rec, this Ecuadorian DJ and producer will touch Montreal soil for the first time. - Africaine 808 : Who are they ? Interview with RBMA /What do they do? Bandcamp - Harvey Sutherland - A MCDE signing. Disco-house. Live. #Crazy

Here’s wishing you a fun and busy festival. For a selection of passes, take a look here.