14 septembre 2010

Piknic @ Osheaga - MAJOR LAZER



This year was the 5th edition of the well-acclaimed Osheaga festival. The day started off on a strong point, with the weather being hot and spicy, the sun shining and everyone smiling. The festival grounds were filled with all types of people reunited on this day to watch great musical acts performing right before their eyes.

One of the most anticipated acts was Major Lazer, on the Piknic Electronik stage. This not being their first time performing in Montreal, everyone was aware what to expect and made sure they were their to witness it all go down at 3:00pm sharp.

For those of you who are still not familiar with Major Lazer, know this: Diplo (click here) , who is responsible for creating the ever-so-hip underground entertainment group and record label Mad Decent (click here) teamed up with Switch (click here) , who's been good friends with Diplo for a while now. Both have worked with M.I.A in the past, and are now working on their own in order to make this all happen. Major Lazer is also composed of different dancers, mostly dancehall queens and the dagger king himself: Skerrit Bwoy. Major Lazer are responsible for putting the urban 'dirty dance' titled "Dagger" on the map through mainstream crowds. If you still are unsure of what "Dagger" is, feel free to google it, or read more of this to find out.

The Piknic Electronik stage was well-situated within the grounds of the festival. With an open-air space for all kinds of movers, holding an area between the trees for everyone to sit back relax and enjoy the beats, you had the choice to make it the best time you could ever have. Lots of Piknic usuals were spotted throughout the day and tons of newcomers were finding out what it was for the first time. You all types of people shaking their hips away as Lunice was ending his set to make way for Diplo and his crew to come on.

As the time comes, all you can see is Diplo walking up to the stage, barefoot (is this part of his new religion?) and ready to go! Accompagnied by Mimi Dancehall Queen, and a replacement to the usual host Skerrit Bwoy who is currently touring in Antigua.Switch was nowhere to be found, as usual, and this time Diplo blamed the Bird Flu, so I guess we'll take his word for it.


Not only did we have the chance to jump up to some mad riddims, Diplo dropped all the good tracks from Major Lazer's debut album titled "Guns Don't Kill People...Lazers Do" including hit tracks like "Hold The Line", "Keep It Going Louder", "Jump Up", and the ever-so-popular: "Pon De Floor". Mimi got the chance to bring up a skinny white dude to demonstrate what dagga means to the crowd first-hand, and let me tell you, the guy toughed it out till the end! Not only did she jump him, she climbed him, twisted him, threw him, and all I could think was why I wasn't up there experiencing it for myself!


After a few songs pass, I finally get the chance to make eye-contact with the girl of my dreams, Mimi, and whisper to her that I want to go up on stage. To my utter surprise, she asked me to come up, so I dropped all my equipment and emptied my pockets in less than 3 seconds and followed her orders. Before I knew it I was on stage grinding Mimi and taking advantage of the situation. One of my life-long goals was being fullfilled today, in front of thousands of people watching!I was thrown around, put to the floor, jumped on and grinded upon. I couldn't have asked for anything else after that!


For the first time in a long time, Diplo dropped a lot of dubstep remixes during his set, including some hit tracks from his fellow Mad Decent Artists Rusko. There was a bit of everything just enough to please everyone's ears. The set ended with a 10-min long session of applause and cheering from the crowd, as everyone left feeling destroyed from what had happened.

Till the next time, Major lazer!