Meek (aka Mike Baugh) has been creating unexpected dance music for nearly 15 years. He has released tracks on various imprints such as Fat Cat, Cocosolidciti and Mutek_Rec. While he generally tends to fly under the radar his lives sets are imminently memorable and he has played around the country and beyond with the likes of Luke Vibert, Apparat, Pan Sonic and Stewart Walker. While sometimes difficult to pin down, his musical style lies somewhere between a wonky mutation of micro house and an innovative concoction of abstract beats and fluttering meoldies.


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How did you get into this?
I started listening to electronic music when I was around 15 and fell in love with making music out of strange new sounds. I got my hands on a small synth and kept experimenting and making it do things it wasn't made for and gradually taught myself about synthesis and production.

What’s your ideal setup to rock a crowd?
I use Ableton Live and a Nord Modular. The Nord allows me to create my sounds from scratch, my sets wouldn't be the same without it.

What do you usually bring to a picnic?
"Beer, chicken and snacks"

What’s the first song that made you go crazy?
“Age of Love”, Jam & Spoon Mix

What’s the last song that made you go crazy?
Ryoichi Kurokawa's A/V performances

What song will you never drop???
If by "never drop" you mean love forever, then Autechre "Corc". If you mean never play, well I don't usually DJ other people's music so I don't have to worry about that!

Funniest request you’ve ever gotten?
"Can you play more like you were 10 minutes ago?"

Most memorable DJ experience?
Tie between Mutek 2005 at Musee Juste pour Rire and Festival Echos Sonores in Tunisia

Biggest fail of your career?
When the windows error sound played during a set in an ambient room

I say Piknic, you say...

May 30

Place de l'Homme - Parc Jean-Drapeau
MOOG Stage
  • FlosstradamusUS
  • Mary HellCA
  • Stern*CA
STM Stage
  • Monsieur SebCA
  • MeekCA