September 06, 2011

PIKNICUBIK as seen by the Piknic team


This past weekend kicked off the very first edition of PikniCubik. But you may have noticed (we hope) that despite all of Ékip Piknic’s efforts to throw a real classic Labour Day long weekend festival, mother nature got involved, forcing us to cancel Monday’s STM Kids Stage with Poirier, as well as DJ XL5’s Videophonic Zappin’ Party’s Ciné-Piknic on Sunday. Nonetheless, there were still plenty of memorable PikniCubik moments to be had, which we’ll share with you as the six sides of the PikniCubik now embedded in our memories forever.

I heard
Last weekend was a trip across myriad musical styles: a day of breaks (Rogue Element podcast coming soon), Mistress Barbara’s unforgettable set under the torrential rain (read all the comments), and a much-anticipated day of techno to wrap up PikniCubik. And let’s not forget the kids that ripped it up on the dance floor!

You commemorated it
Sunshine or rain, Expo Photo was an equally eye-catching attraction. If you’d like to get your hands on one of the snapshots, please contact Valérie.

She enticed them
Friday night, a few hundred lucky fans witnessed Piknic Électronik’s special presentation featuring Soundshaper as part of the newly inaugurated OUMF in the Quartier Latin. It never ceases to impress me how a DJ can start off a set with reggae and finish it off with house! What great build-up. Décibelle Dolby also came by and lit up the dance floor. The lucky ones that crossed paths with our dame of squares even got a free ticket to Piknic.

We participated
The S.W.A.P. team had the Calder and the Twittosphere abuzz with their popular Swaptember event. The idea was simple. Bring an item of clothing that you no longer wear and exchange it for something else. (I got two new dresses!)

You contemplated
Piknicers kicked back on their blankets at the GURU stage and enjoyed a cinematic experience with the movie The Wall, followed by a short, exclusive montage from Jean-Marc Vallée’s new film, Café de Flore. (Unfortunately, darkness didn’t allow me to capture snapshots.)

They created
The folks from MASSIVart had a blast initiating picnickers to the art of silkscreening on T-shirts. I even managed to create a print of my own.

Fueled by beats and great ambiance, En Masse was also there in the spirit of creation. The completion of their much-anticipated masterpiece was put off to a later date due to the bad weather. Nevertheless, here is some footage of their work in progress.

They… kept themselves busy!
That’s right, we the employees also have to keep busy while you picnickers steer clear of the rain. So to pass the time we play cards, polish our shoes, and chase skunks. Who will get sprayed first?


Valérie G.