September 28, 2011

Just like the first time...


Mightykat // Photo by Pascale Papin

Just like the first time, I made my way to Île Ste-Hélène in search of rhythm and melody to keep me on my feet until nightfall. Stepping out of Jean-Drapeau metro, I got a glimpse of a future, in which I found myself immersed in a flux of pulse and cadence.

Just like the first time, I met up with my friend Catherine G. on the grass to the east of the main bar. In 2007, she introduced me to the Piknic experience. Four years later, we’re still attending. We enjoy a drink, we chat a little and we dance. Thank you, Catherine, for showing me that Sundays could be synonymous with something other than “Tam-tams”!

Just like the first time, I was won over by the featured artists. While the music of Arsen and John Acquaviva captivated me when I was first initiated, Nymra & Sofisticated as well as Mightykat confirmed my belief in the diverse talent of local DJ’s. After dancing until my feet were swollen, I took a break to catch my breath and enjoy another drink, and wandered to the pond and from to one site to another, drink in hand, greeting the members of the Ekip along my way.

Just like the first time, the sun was beaming. You could say that Mother Nature was trying to redeem herself for being so erratic several Sundays in a row. In fact, the last two Sundays of September were as balmy as we could have expected in August, and this was really felt in the mood of this final season. The piknickers were pleased to stay dry and take in the sun without having the least worry about weather. This dreamlike weather paired with dOP’s off the hook performance gave way to a palpable excitement…One piknicker went so far as to climb the calder in order to get a better view of the stars! Bad idea. That said, there was something in the air.

Just like the first time, I finished off the evening with a few drinks. In July of 2007, I told myself, “Wow, it’s sick! I’m coming back next week!” and this past Sunday I sighed, “Wow, it’s sick! We’ll meet again for the 10th season in 2012!”


Julie G.
(Translated by Dimitri N.)