September 13, 2011

Photos still up for grabs!


Did you see the superb photographs taken by Miguel Legault, Jasmin Le Blanc, Mathieu Olingue and Cindy Boyce that were on display at PikniCubik? You know the ones, the gorgeous big COLOUR photos that were going for $50 or $75 (depending on the size), with one third of the proceeds going to Leucan? Either way, you’re in luck, because you can still get a hold of one, hang it up for all to see, show your folks that you have taste, let the world know how fresh you are for attending Piknic, and also show off how supportive you are of a good cause. So go ahead, choose your pic and drop me a line at maud@piknicelectronik.com! I’ll take your donation and I just may tell you “You got it goin’ on, Daddy Mac!”