September 13, 2011

?You had to be there??


Photo by: Miguel Legault

To all the precocious spectators and nay-sayers who already declared summer over just because their meager vacations ended, put this in your pipe: summer officially ends on the 21st of September, and these remaining days of exquisite luminosity are among the season’s finest.

According to those who were there last Sunday (close to 4000 piknicers), something magical took place. Trying to explain how things went down to someone who wasn’t there is always a bit tricky. How does one sum up a moment of grace without diminishing the magic? The temptation is to just say, “you had to be there, and that’s all”.

Nonetheless we’ll try to pinpoint exactly what made for such a perfect occasion. The theories waver somewhere between the excitement of the comeback to work/school and the (arguable) effects of the full moon. Let’s just say that all the elements were perfectly aligned to create a perfect Piknic, starting with glorious weather and good music.

Saying that Sunday was nice would be an understatement. On site, well-equipped Picnickers covered every available sun-kissed patch of grass. Families and friends staked out their ground from the moment we opened to make the most of being at the right place at the right time. The day started off calm, and even as the hours passed, everyone kept up their Sunday morning cool, happy to be there but in no hurry to get moving. Mellow! Even the members of l’Ekip went about their business at an easy pace, sharing the same serene and contagious smiles. The calm before the storm, if you will…

Musically speaking, the headlining artists from Toronto, from the label My Favorite Robot, took their cues from the audience’s carefree and sunny vibe (Grace Jones, St-Germain, etc…) Thanks to this agreeable and festive team’s smooth progression, no one missed a beat throughout the entire day, and as the evening rolled in, an eager crowd of dancers changed up the pace, drawing the perfect day to a close (hello Tiga). On the GURU stage, a similar scenario took place. The site filled in with easy-going music lovers chilling to the funky and sultry sounds of Tronald Trump, but by day’s end not a single person was left sitting as the blissful crowd let loose (in all senses of the word) to the cranked beats of Botnek.

No matter how you break it down, it was a perfect course. Thank you and bravo to the artists. Add to that, the full moon that lit up the Calder at 8 PM, after an already brilliant day (indeed, summer’s not over but the days are getting shorter). And there you have it. That’s what made this Sunday a day unlike all the others. Sounds good, huh? Well it was better than that.

With only two weekends left, don’t be among those to whom we’ll say, “You should have been there.”