August 26, 2010



What else is there to say than for the 3rd week in a row, Mother Nature did not want to see her children gather under the Calder. This time she had the last word - and the direction made an executive decision to cancel the Piknic. Fortunately, the Sunday artists were relocated to a relatively drier venue (there was some rain out on the dance floor, but it wasn’t coming from the clouds…!) at Abreuvoir.

Those who attended our backup plan were still able to enjoy the lineup featured for the main stage. Recently renovated, Abreuvoir offers a quality sound that can be heard on both floors as well as out on the terrace. Here DJs can reach you everywhere, even off the dance floor!

Before the evening rocked (or trickled) to a climax, Lucie Lebel was urgently rushed onsite to prepare the venue. When Green & Lateez took over the turntables in the basement, the dance floor really began to shake! To the (somewhat damp) public’s great pleasure, Paul Ritch presented live for an hour and a half - though it was a bit of a letdown to hear him play inside when his performance would have reached mythic heights under the Jean-Drapeau sun.

Bender ended the evening beautifully with a powerful set that lasted two and a half hours. Memo for Bender: this makes three times in three years that Piknic has canceled when you were part of the lineup. Admit defeat, or find a way to reconcile with Mother Nature…!

On this note, we would like to thank promoters Noctambule for letting us enjoy the artistic performances despite Piknic’s cancellation.

No thanks will be given to Mother Nature.

Mariri et Valérie G.