July 21, 2010

Eclectic Piknic!


Bassnectar had no ambition to ever drop the sound at last Sunday’s Piknic, and neither did we. No one wanted to leave what had turned into a colossal mess of frantic bass and dirty feet. We’d all been caught in it too long to let it go that easily. The crowd was an eclectic gathering, and reminded me for the first time that Piknic Electronik could be an outdoor rave. All the makings were there: the beautiful greenery and a hard-slapping mix of bass and dubstep that joined forces to create some major craziness. Of course, the mix wasn’t pleasing to everyone there, but a scan of the heads of the thousands in attendance, there was definitely a feeling of satisfaction in the air. It was an air that was fresh and conditioned by the fabulous Jardin des Floralies, the trees, the pretty greens, and everything else that helped us forget the smog of the city.

When I first arrived, I was a bit pissed that I’d missed the very competent Lexis. Construct and Vilify had the stage, and obviously had a strong hold on everyone under the Calder. The booming soundsystem was in everything – the carpets, the moving hair, and in my wide smile that stretched all the way to my ears. Proceedings underway, the energetic duo Dig_it_al offered up a wide-ranging platter, with a mission to travel across the solar system of Bass. Up next, headliner Bassnectar (and his hair) took the stage just as the sun was starting to come down along the horizon and tossed out remix after mash-up of bruised beats that distorted the likes of Nelly Furtado and Nine Inch Nails. I’ve never heard as many remixes and mash-ups in one day. I like to think it was a theme of his. There was perhaps a bit too uch for my tastes, but I definitely appeared to be in the minority. But at this type of event, what’s important is how crazy people get, not how progressive the tunes are, and smashy smashed is just what coined the day. I look forward to how this compares to the next Bass (funky house) Piknic on Sunday, July31 with Roska, Mary Anns Hobbs, Hovatron and E.S.L Crew... brap brap!!!

Nina Choquette, Jekyll & Hyde
Adaptation by Dimitri N.